Aesthetics and safety. To enhance every dish

The melamine supplies for buffets represent an elegant and versatile selection of products perfect for organizing a happy hour or an appetizer at the poolside rather than any outdoor buffet, enhancing any type of dish within an outdoor buffet but not only. The Melamine line by Yegam is composed of plates, round presentation plates, cups, bowls, trays, risers, baskets, kitchen equipment and table accessories.

Comfortable and practical, Yegam’s melamine line is complete and allows you to set up customized buffets for every style, from classic white to dark granite tones, recreating the wood effect or focusing on the light tones of slate effect rather than bamboo.

Yegam Factor

The plates, trays and table accessories and all Yegam melamine buffet supplies are light and resistant (not to be used in the microwave oven). Their melamine resin composition is completely safe and has the quality of not absorbing food odors (smells). This means that they can be easily washed and stored in the fridge or freezer without problems. All melamine items marketed by Yegam are 100% food grade and this means that they are developed and tested to be fully compliant with EU product directives and are safe for use in a food service environment.

Why Choose Yegam’s Melamine Buffet Supplies

Perché scegliere le forniture in melamina per buffet Yegam

  • Safe (for 100% food use)
  • They do not absorb odors (smells)
  • Light and resistant products
  • Easy to wash
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