When it comes to dishes, salad bowls and professional porcelain services, the difference can be seen and felt.

The quality of the materials is the basis of any accessory or equipment for hotels or restaurants. But when it comes to dishes, salad bowls and porcelain services. Plates, cups and serving dishes must combine elegance and reliability, withstand many solicitations and daily washings and always look like new.

Because even before the customer tastes any dish, the eye always falls on the porcelain. It is impossible to do without them (…), because every guest has them in front of him from the moment he sit down and throughout the meal.

So why not turn porcelain into one of the strengths of your hotel or restaurant? How?

Choosing the best items like Luzerne’s New Bone line marketed by Yegam. The plates and porcelain of this collection are produced according to very strict quality standards which include, among other things, low temperature baking of the biscuit (about 800°C), immersion glazing and second high temperature baking (about 1,300°C). It is no coincidence that Luzerne is one of the few companies in the sector to be certified ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems.

The result of this process is a porcelain with an extremely abrasion-resistant surface that makes it smooth and shiny after each wash.

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