When it comes to professional porcelain plates, salad bowls and services, the difference can be seen and felt.

The quality of the materials is essential when it comes to accessories and equipment for hotels and restaurants. But when it comes to porcelain plates, salad bowls and services, elegance and reliability become even more important. These elements must withstand numerous stresses and daily washings, always maintaining an impeccable appearance.

Before the customer tastes any dish, his eyes always rest on the porcelain. You can't help but notice them, because every guest has them in front of them from the moment they sit down until the meal is over.

So why not turn porcelain into one of the strengths of your hotel or restaurant?

The choice of porcelain

  1. Careful selection of manufacturers: Select reliable and renowned suppliers in the field of high-quality porcelain. Make sure they produce porcelain plates, salad bowls, services and other items that meet your standards of elegance and durability.
  2. Unique and personalized design: Opt for porcelain with a unique design that reflects the style and identity of your hotel or restaurant. You can also consider the option of customizing the porcelain elements with your logo or establishment name, creating an even more memorable experience for your guests.
  3. High-quality materials: Choose porcelain made with high-quality materials, which guarantee resistance and longevity over time. New Bone porcelain, for example, is known for its durability and its ability to keep looking new even after numerous washes.
  4. Maintenance and Care: Ensure proper maintenance and care of your porcelain. Make sure that the staff is trained on how to handle the porcelain elements correctly, avoiding scratches or breakages during their use and washing.

Porcelain can become a statement piece for your hotel or restaurant, helping to create a high quality dining experience and leaving a lasting impression on your guests. By carefully choosing the producers, opting for a unique design, using high quality materials and paying attention to maintenance, you can transform porcelain into a strong point that will enhance the image of your establishment.

New Bone by Luzerne porcelain

By choosing the best items, such as the New Bone line of Luzerne marketed by Yegam, you will have dishes and porcelain produced according to rigorous quality standards at your disposal. These standards include a low-temperature biscuit firing (approx. 800°C), immersion glazing and a second high-temperature firing (approx. 1.300°C). Not surprisingly, Luzerne is one of the few companies in the sector to be certified ISO 9001 for Quality Management Systems.

The result of this process is a porcelain with an extremely abrasion resistant surface. This ensures that the porcelain remains smooth and shiny after each wash, maintaining a flawless appearance even after intensive use. This feature is essential for a restaurant environment, where dishes and china are subjected to repeated daily washing.

The abrasion-resistant surface of New Bone porcelain also helps maintain the elegance and brilliance of the dishes over time. Not only will guests appreciate the smooth, lustrous look of the porcelain, but they can also be sure of its durability due to its strength.

The quality of Luzerne's New Bone china, with its abrasion-resistant surface and its shine after every wash, is an element that will help enhance the presentation of your dishes and offer an upscale dining experience for your guests.

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