Single use & Finger Food Yegam: to redefine happy hour rules

Disposable items & finger food are ideal for the happy hour moment which has now become a consolidated tradition in the world of hospitality and catering. Similarly, finger food, street food and sushi and fusion cuisine have also become part of this world, imposing on sector operators the need for a presentation suitable for every style.

The anti-grease food paper, then, in the different styles and formats, is ideal for wrapping sandwiches, hamburgers, fried foods and any hot or cold food. Grease-proof food paper is resistant to grease and the hot temperatures of food and is perfect both for the presentation of food in buffets and for those who need a convenient, hygienic and functional take-away service.


When it comes to disposable products, the issue of their disposal is also a factor to take into consideration. For this reason it is important to focus on biodegradable and compostable buffet items such as those marketed by Yegam.

Buffet items produced in eco-friendly materials designed to set up a unique ecological buffet, with attention to every detail, but above all designed to conquer by avoiding an invasive impact on the environment.

In short, the happy hour moment, however "light" it is, is no less demanding than that of meals for sector operators who have the opportunity to enhance their buffets with a selection of items designed for every style and need. This is why Yegam has developed two lines dedicated to disposable hotel and catering supplies and finger food.

Why choose Yegam disposable & finger food supplies

  • Complete line for happy hours, finger food, sushi…
  • They do not absorb odors
  • Compostable and biodegradable items
  • Articles in anti-grease and anti-grease food paper




- articles single use are products uses e throws like dishes, tools e napkins. Are for the supplies da Catering because offer practicality., hygiene e easiness di cleaning, saving up time and fatigue. 

Yegam It provides a wide range of articles single use, included dishes, cups, cutlery, trays e containers converted to foods, guaranteeing is each appearance of the do needs di Catering is soddisfatto. 

Yes, Yegam è committed when it comes to sustainability. THE our articles single use are made with materials biodegradable e compostable, reducing the impact of environmental tourism pure maintaining la quality. 

Absolutely! Yegam offers options di Customization converted to products single use, included brand, colors e dimensions, adding un touch custom do supplies is preferably used for Catering.

Yes, Our matter single use è designed converted to variable finger food, by starters and snacks, desserts and canapés, guaranteeing un post-sales service and fun without sforzo. 

Yes, Yegam offers prices competitive e discounts converted to amount for the supplies da Catering, making convenient do buffer stock di products single use converted to institutional events, di any size. 

Absolutely! I our products single use are made with materials di high quality, guaranteeing duration e reliability also during institutional events, of catering a lot challenging. 

Yes, Yegam It includes the importance di satisfy the different ones needs dietary. We offer articles single use suitable a various needs dietary, included options without gluten, Vegan e private di allergens. 

Yegam encourages practices di disposal responsible. THE our articles single use are designed converted to be recyclable o compostable, facilitating lo disposal so ecological after use. 

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