Hotel supplies for buffet

Choose the ideal buffetware for your hotel or restaurant.
Present your buffet with elegance and taste.

In the world of the restaurant accessories, the buffet has a special role because it is the creative tool with which we wish our customers good morning with breakfast and through which we present some of the best dishes prepared by our chefs during meals.

The accessories for a buffet must reflect the style of the structure but they must also be comfortable and practical to simplify the operators job in the dining room. Both in the breakfast buffet and the All Day buffet.

We at Yegam have chosen to rely on Tiger to create customized steel buffet hotel supplies to meet the needs of all hotels and restaurants and we have identified three styles for our buffetware :

  • Urban Buffet
  • Modern Buffet
  • Classic Buffet

These are fully customizable buffets, made exclusively with 18/10 stainless steel, high grade polycarbonate, natural wood crafted with care and artisan passion to ensure durability, maximum hygiene and exceptional performance over time.

Elements than can be combined to suit different architectural styles and spaces enabling you to maximize your buffet presentation.


Yegam factor

All the buffet ware Yegam by Tiger Yegam are assembled in such a way that they are always repairable. This means that in case of accidental breakage, it will not be necessary to replace the whole product. It will be fixed and last over time

We at Yegam ensure a constant stock availability of all the main spare parts for buffets in order to guarantee the customer a precise and punctual service and after-sales assistance.

Why choose Yegam buffet hotel supplies

  • Modern Design and craftmanship (…)
  • Flexible composition
  • Constructive solidity for a long service life
  • All parts are repairable
  • Complete availability of spare parts


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    The Urban Buffet Collection is a line of hotel supplies that is particularly trendy and functional at the same time. All to discover…


    The Modern Buffet Collection is formed by modular elements to give the possibility to create infinite solutions customizable according to the menus and the different phases of the day.


    The classic that never goes out of style. The Buffet Classic consists of a selection of buffet elements characterized by an elegant and traditional line and a particular ease of use.

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