Yegam, only the best for table top and buffet

Yegam hotel supplies. Yegam is not just a brand that in the last few years has established itself in the hospitality industry. It is a real journey that had begun over 15 years ago.

A business concept that differs from the standards of the industry and that stands out for the continuous search of aesthetic value and innovation.

Yegam was founded in 2005, when its founders, two professionals in the hospitality industry, decided to combine their expertise and blend the Italian made in Italy with the best available in the international scene, where the global scale tourism has created new standards for the operators in terms dining experience and food presentation.

The experience accrued in the world of luxury hotels and resorts is the starting point for tailor made products and concepts for the modern professionals.

Yegam provide products and solutions for table top and buffet, finger-food and cafe, decoration of interiors and kitchen solutions where style, functionality and elegance blend in perfect harmony.

Over the years Yegam has begun a virtuous process in eco-friendly world and green products creating a complete product line made of palm leaves that after use can be recovered to create 100% natural dishes, rather than become waste.

We take care of our clients at each stage and in every choice. From first contact up to the after sales support, we are there to support their work and their idea of hospitality.

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